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IT Six Global Services – nearshore software outsourcing and consulting services

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Omnisource Technologies

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Teamnet International

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Română. More »

Arhipelago Interactive

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RomSoft Iași

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        Established in 2006, RINF ( is a Software Development Solutions Provider that leverage technology expertise from our headquarters in Bucharest, engineering excellence and best talent on the market from our offices in Paris, London, Brussels, Helsinki and Wroclaw, or directly onsite, at the client’s facility. Blending More »








Established in 2006, RINF ( is a Software Development Solutions Provider that leverage technology expertise from our headquarters in Bucharest, engineering excellence and best talent on the market from our offices in Paris, London, Brussels, Helsinki and Wroclaw, or directly onsite, at the client’s facility.

Blending Technical and Business analysis, system integration and architecture, we design, implement and manage secure & business-critical solutions. Further on we have a proven track record, meeting or exceeding service levels in most multishoring options.

Our services are:

On Site IT Services

To stay competitive, businesses are challenged to build a responsive and agile IT capability fostering growth. Technology alone is not enough to achieve this: success depends on how technology is applied – namely WHO does it and HOW effective they are.​ Through our On-Site IT Services, RINF offers you comprehensive IT outsourcing, technical analysis and strategic alignment, software and hardware solutions that rely on a scalable and elastic architecture, to help your business shorten the supply chain and respond to your customers’ needs on-demand.

RINF can help you become an effective IT-enabled business by setting up your high-performance customized agile team with for geo distributed work, engaging the right people with scaled agility capabilities (SAFe and Continuous Integration – CI, CD) and technologies, in order for our client focus on his competitive advantages (and benefit from the disruptive waves of digital revolution – link to Forester) while securing delivery, quality and volume. 

 In short we support you in meeting the market demands. We design scalable solutions which increase coders productivity and enable you ride the digital disruption waves, by reducing your product’s time to market (TtM) to less than 3-6 months.

Agile companies are re-engineering their business processes and transforming their operations in order to survive and prosper in today’s digital-enabled world. It is clear that both large and small players, especially in disruption-prone industries (like retailing, banking and insurance, publishing, telecom, health, education), urgently need to evolve in order to counter the emerging threats and to take full advantages of the new opportunities that come with digital disruption waves.

 Through our On-Site IT Services, RINF enables you to do so through comprehensive IT outsourcing, consulting and software solutions that rely on a scalable and elastic architecture, to help your business shorten the supply chain and respond to your customers’ needs on demand. For successful organizations, that require on-demand technical expertise, we provide IT consultants for temporary support or long-term projects, managed IT services for large-scale projects and IT solution consulting, to help your organization meet tight deadlines, successfully integrate new technologies, and better manage project expenses.

Flexibility and scalability is the key to ITO success. At RINF, we take a strategic approach to ITO. We will work with you to evaluate your outsourcing needs, plan proactive ramp-up / ramp-down strategies, and ensure you will have on demand access to technology consultants with the skills and experience you require.

Technical Delivery Center

Our Technical Delivery Center blends Software and Business AnalysisSystem Integration and Elastic Architecture, best talent on the market, engineering excellence and technology expertise.
Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our passionate developers, product owners, scrum masters and scaled agility heads, we offer a one-stop partnership for the entire life cycle of your software stack.

RINF’s TDC leverages proven methodologies and processes to achieve the transparency, reliability and risk control that helps our partners achieve success. We have a set of flexible, dynamic client engagement models in order to ensure that our collaboration with you is a perfect fit. We use the latest and most efficient processes like scaled agile, integral agile, SCRUM, Rally, continuous integration, continuous delivery, SAFe.

 Over the last few years, the accelerated pace of technological changes has transformed the way businesses work. Due to faster and faster cycles and cross-influences between industries, it has become impossible for IT projects to rely on complete, exhaustive technical specifications. Instead, we propose the the solution of delivering continually as a task matures: SAFe WSJF (weighted shortest job first). At our Technical / Software Delivery Center, we ensure a smooth flow of applications, product and services, to help your business thrive on change.

Business Process Outsourcing

RINF provides leading BPO solutions that continuously adapt, improve and innovate in order to keep up with emerging technologies, new best practices and our clients’ dynamic businesses as well as challenges related to workforce availability, data security and infrastructure. We help companies perform at higher standards by controlling costs, reducing risks and managing business operations.

Benefits of using RINF BPO services:

Quality of service: the quality of service is improved through having more resources and better qualified personnel.

Productivity improvements: it allows executives and management to focus on critical functions of the business. Outsourcing the supporting processes to RINF gives the organization more time to strengthen their core business process.

Allocation of resources: organizations that use BPO can effectively reallocate personnel into areas that will have a positive impact upon other projects, such as expansion or opening offices in new territories.

Operational expertise: RINF is able to provide the relevant expertise that most companies don’t have access to or would be difficult and expensive to develop in-house.

Saving money: through BPO, RINF typically saves companies in the region of 40-50% of operational costs. Cost reductions are done through: process improvements, reengineering, reducing and improving cost control

Risk-sharing: one of the most crucial factors determining the outcome of a campaign is risk-analysis. Outsourcing certain components of your business process helps the organization to shift certain responsibilities to RINF. Since the outsourced vendor is a specialist, they plan your risk-mitigating factors better.

Flexibility: RINF BPO can help organizations become more flexible, for example by speeding up key business processes such as purchasing, and thereby ensuring that not too much or too little stock is held at any one time.

Access to a wider array of skills: RINF BPO enables an organization to access various skills sets and expertise that the company would not normally have access to. Many BPO companies have capabilities and intellectual assets that take many years to generate.

Satisfy customers’ changing demands: RINF BPO provides the management with flexible and scalable services to meet the customers requirements and to support company acquisitions and joint ventures.

Outside expertise: companies are spared the hassle of recruiting and training personnel.


Our BPO Services

Chat service: be a leader in customer service excellence by reaching out to your customers with the fastest solution, through our chat platforms for real time support.

Multi-lingvistic user support: improve your capacity to prevent the re-occurrence of issues through: multi-level tech support, remote diagnosis, troubleshooting and issue tracking and classification.

Customer Support: make sure your customers have the best experience through our B2C support, customer care and billing & collection services.

Back-office services: achieve higher productivity and lower the costs associated with your back office operations through our document management and processing services.

Telemarketing, telesales and email marketing: increase brand awareness and reduce time to market through: cold calling, new activation, upselling, cross-selling, testing campaigns and retention & loyalty programs, via phone or email.

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