Vegra Info Ltd. started out in 1994 as a provider of professional services in areas such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), 3D engineering, GIS (Geographic Information System) and CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management), working mainly for customers in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, USA and Romania. The company’s competitive advantages are based on dynamic

(Română) Beia Consult a participat la Zcom 2012, Dialogic Solution Day si Call Center Expo



telephone, telephone networks, voice data communication networks, advanced communications solutions 


design, realization and implementation of complex automation systems, SCADA and software services, IT as “key systems”; services for SMEs and research-development units as support for business, innovation;  consultancy for SMEs for accessing non-refundable funds, business promotion services, business innovation, transnational technology transfer, consultancy for structural funds.

(Română) Viitorul rețelelor – expansiunea interconectării

Agora Group a organizat ieri conferința dedicată noutăților din domeniul rețelelor. Evenimentul Networks – today & beyond a avut loc la Hotelul Intercontinental din București.