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Mission statement: Our mission is to be a reliable leading partner for IT solutions and services. Project Management in EMEA Software Development Outsourcing IT and Business consultancy Business Software Implementation Services EAS Consultancy DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION


Areas of activity The main activity of CONSTRUCTIM® is carried out through the assembling and construction sites, located in the country and abroad. Another important activity of the company is the industrial production of building materials and of aggregates of ballast. Since its establishment and until now, it has carried out various works such as:

MindHive Software

Here at MindHive we can offer a large range of services for all kinds of needs. We have people working in multiple fields, such as Design, Software Development, AI and Robotics that can offer services like UI/UX Design, Multiple purpose applications, Image recognition, 3D Modelling and much more.

Universitatea “Ioan Slavici”

Universitatea “Ioan Slavici” din Timisoara a luat fiinta in cadrul Fundatiei cu acelasi nume, in iarna anului 2000, din dorinta unui grup de personalitati din invatamantul superior timisorean de a crea o institutie in sistem privat,care sa aseze mai presus de orice formarea intelectuala a tinerilor cu o larga deschidere culturala, buna pregatire profesionala si

Romair Consulting

Romair Consulting is a company with 100% Romanian capital, founded in 1997 in order to provide business and management, planning and engineering consultancy services. The main objective of Romair Consulting is to provide excellent quality services for its clients, so that it will be recognized as the best national provider for technical and financial solutions